Spiritual Direction : In 2004, Sarah completed a three-year training in spiritual direction through the Spiritual Direction Institute located at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California. Now a resident of Port Townsend, Washington, Sarah meets with individuals as a spiritual director, and has facilitated in-person and online workshops  on the topics of writing a spiritual autobiography, writing as a spiritual practice, and the creative process.

Writing: Sarah’s poems have appeared in Into the Depths at Haunted Waters Press; Crab Creek Review, Snapdragon Journal of Art and Healing, American Journal of Poetry, Empty Mirror, and Earth’s Daughters Journal, among other publications.

Sarah has also worked as a journalist and essayist, covering topics such as parenting, higher education, addiction and recovery, and cultural commentary. Her essays on the spiritual quest have appeared in such venues as Presence: the Journal of Spiritual Directors International, the Chronicle of Higher Education, America Magazine, and The San Francisco Chronicle.  Sarah also published a collection of essays on becoming a spiritual director  in 2004, and A Pen and a Path, writing as a spiritual practice in 2005.


Teaching and Education: As an adjunct faculty member, Sarah taught online courses in spirituality and literature at the University of San Francisco for eleven years, drawing on her graduate education (MA/ SFSU) and training in adult learning which focused on engaged pedagogy and transformative learning. Prior to teaching, Sarah worked in college admissions and student services at San Francisco State University, helping young students and returning adults navigate the byways of higher education. Sarah holds a certificate from UC Berkeley in Drug and Alcohol Studies with a counseling emphasis. As an editor, Sarah has specialized in personal essays and academic writing, including editing college admissions essays, master’s theses and dissertations.