A few poems of mine which are available online:

So Far Away published by the Rockvale Review

The Color of My Uncle’s Car published by Psaltery and Lyre

The Placenta Effect and Lucretia’s Legacy published by Gone Lawn

Salt and Other Spells/Spells of Desperation published by Luna Luna Magazine

Clearing the Throat Chakra published by SWWIM.org

Guardian Angel and Coping Mechanisms published by Bone and Ink

What I Have Done, and What I Have Failed to Do published by Glass Poetry Press

From the Diaries published by The Shallow Ends

Damage Control published by Kissing Dynamite

The Old Ways: How to Make a Man published by Rise Up Review

Sarah’s poems have also appeared in Haunted Waters Press, Crab Creek Review, Empty Mirror, Snapdragon Journal, and Earth’s Daughters, among others.