A few poems of mine which are available online:

The Color of My Uncle’s Car published by Psaltery and Lyre

The Placenta Effect and Lucretia’s Legacy published by Gone Lawn

Salt and Other Spells/Spells of Desperation published by Luna Luna Magazine

Clearing the Throat Chakra published by SWWIM.org

Guardian Angel and Coping Mechanisms published by Bone and Ink

What I Have Done, and What I Have Failed to Do published by Glass Poetry Press

From the Diaries published by The Shallow Ends

Damage Control published by Kissing Dynamite

The Old Ways: How to Make a Man published by Rise Up Review

Reading the Cards/ Stella Marina published by The American Journal of Poetry

And the first poem of mine ever published online: The Restraining Order

Poems have also appeared in Haunted Waters Press, Crab Creek Review, Empty Mirror, Snapdragon Journal, and Earth’s Daughters, among others.