The Energy Scale of Creativity

There's a pain scale image (The Wong-Baker Pain Scale) which I'm sure most of you have either seen or been asked to point to in the midst of your own pain. Invented for children, it's become ubiquitous for adults as well, despite it's reductive simplicity. When it comes to assessing my own pain and/or energy… Continue reading The Energy Scale of Creativity

Whitmanesque: Above My Skill Set, But Worth Trying

Photo of the poet, Walt Whitman. Looking forward, older man with long and full beard, wearing a western style hat.

It's the poet Walt Whitman's birthday today.  In the spirit of his poetics, I've been working on a poem that was first inspired by my own kids and then became about other young adults I know, then millennials: a whole generation. Not every culture, not every situation, certainly not all of America, but still, broad.… Continue reading Whitmanesque: Above My Skill Set, But Worth Trying