Centered Path

I believe in forging a centered path: a life journey inspired and fueled by the creative imagination, sustained by compassion toward self and others, centered on the communities, environments, and causes that call for engagement, and guided by the contemplative light of the Divine. As part of that call to a centered path, I am a spiritual director, trained primarily in the Christian tradition but honoring all faith backgrounds and spiritual quests. Spiritual direction is the art and practice of holy attention.

Spiritual Direction in Practice: I offer a safe, reverent, and confidential meeting space here in Port Townsend, WA in which to explore your spiritual questions and experiences. Some topics might include: your personal creative practice; family and relationships; grief or illness; social justice concerns; work, career paths or retirement- wherever you seek a deeper spiritual connection and meaning.  You may wish to focus on your current prayer practices or seek new ways to deepen your particular faith connections. Spiritual direction is not about fixing, correcting or steering someone toward a particular outcome, path, or doctrine. The Divine has a thousand faces and a litany of names, and meets us where we are.

For more information about the practicalities of spiritual direction, more details on a few of the topics mentioned above, and spiritual direction in general, please visit here. For more information on my background and training, visit here.

If you are interested in discussing whether spiritual direction is something that would benefit you at this time in your life, please use the form below to connect with me.